Intocht Ajax na winnen Champions League

'Sons of the Gods' receive a massive welcome

Because they won the championship during the previous season, Ajax was given a ticket to play in the Europacup 1, which is now called the Champion's League. Ajax made it to the finals in the Ernst Happel Statium in Vienna, where they had to play AC Milan. A final between giants: it was the 5th Europacup 1 final for Ajax, and the 9th for AC Milan. And it was the second time they met each other in the final, just like in 1969, when Ajax lost 4 to 1.

In the second half, Van Gaal sent Kluivert onto the field. A golden subsitution, because in the 86th minute, Kluivert scored the only goal of the match after an assist by Rijkaard. Finally, after 20 years, Ajax was the proud winner of the Europacup 1 again. Ajax had realized this achievement with an extremely young team (average age below 25) in the final against an extremely experienced team. And Ajax remained undefeated throughout the tournament!

The welcome event in Amsterdam reminded of the craze in 1998, when the Dutch national soccer team was honored for winning the European Championship, but with somewhat less people. Still, the scene was almost identical: supporters everwhere along the canals and on bridges. They were climbing on houseboats and cars and of course, a couple of enthusiasts jumped into the Amsterdam canal water.