Verrassingsbezoek Beatrix

Queen surprises crowded Jordaan area with a visit

Queen surprises crowded Jordaan with a visit; A punker with an orange handkerchief inserted into his leather jacket and a resident of Amsterdam who spontaneously asks the queen for a kiss in the Jordan.

An ultimate example of queens day in Amsterdam. In down town Amsterdam, the stalls of professional traders and amateurs were doing big business. But the flea market in the Jordaan area unexpectedly caused the biggest attraction. Queen Beatrix, her three sons and prince Claus decided to pay the unregulated trade in the Jordaan area a visit. The sassy man from Amsterdam received his royal kiss and royal hands were shook and gifts were offered. But sceptics also made themselves heard. It's not the real queen, one lady firmly stated. 'The real queen is in Kampen and Genemuiden, so this had to be a group of imposters, sent by a prankster'. But she was wrong. The queen spent one guilder at the market, which she had been given by mayer Van Thijn and proceeded with her unexpected tour.