Inhuldiging Beatrix

Inauguration Queen Beatrix

Queen Beatrix and the Mayor of Amsterdam, Polak, visibly enjoy the fireworks lit above the IJ to conclude the inauguration.

During the inauguration on April 30th, things get seriously out of hand, despite all preparations. Dissatisfied youth takes the opportunity to use this day to express their displeasure with regard to the lack of housing, exclaiming: 'No housing, no coronation' (which actually rhymed in Dutch). Amsterdam is restless that day at the crack of dawn. When, just before 11 AM, the old and the new queen appear on the balcony of the Royal Palace at the Dam Square, they face a lot of unrest. There is a lot of booing and shouting. Princess Juliana urges the crowd to be silent. She and her daughter give their speeches, that - drowned out by the cacophony of sound - can only be heard on radio and television.

Due to the riots, the program is adjusted and - after the formalities - queen Beatrix and prince Claus don't present themselves on the palace balcony. And taking a tour through the city by car is out of the question. During the evening, the security staff has their hands full, trying to get the honored guests from the palace to four canal boats on the IJ, where the closing festivities are held.