Eleanor Roosevelt

Visiting with grandchildren

The canal boat 'Prinses Wilhelmina' had the American flag on its nose. That wasn't the only thing that looked unusual when the boat moored in front of the house of Mayor d'Ailly at two thirty. It had tons of lathyrus attached to its bow and behind the steering wheel that was in the hands of captain Arie Salomon, a number of the shiny polished benches had been removed.

Mrs. Kooij, who skillfully disembarked the 'Prinses Wilhelmina', had laid down a rug and placed four comfortable club chairs. 'I had to ruin my entire living room for it' she said, but she was beaming with joy. A copper can with pink carnations was placed on a small table next to a copper ashtray. Mrs. Kooij slid open a part of the roof further and cast a worried look onto the wide, dark green door of Herengracht no. 502, the official residence of the Mayor.