Jubileum Koningin Wilhelmina

Anniversary Queen Wilhelmina

Queen Wilhelmina unexpectedly embarked on a boat tour through the canals.

With the beautiful canal boat 'Koningin Juliana' of Reederi P. Kooij, queen Wilhelmina - accompanied by princess Juliana and prince Bernhard - yesterday embarked on a cruise through the illuminated Amsterdam canals, that started and ended at the official residence of Mayor d'Ailly - who also joined them - at the Herengracht. The cruise lasted well over an hour.

The news that the queen would take a cruise had carefully been kept a secret and when - at seven thirty - all canals remained empty and all canal boats were denied access to the downtown area, it didn't necessarily mean that something special was about to happen. Because this was the night for which the gondola tour was scheduled.

But the thousands of people who had gathered along the banks of the canals, had notices that something else was going on. The audience loudly cheered on the group as they emerged from the dark, protected by 2 motorized boats of the State police.

Jubileum Koningin Wilhelmina 2