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Discover Amsterdam from the water with Rederij P. Kooij

Adults € 11,00 p.p.
Children (4 through 12) € 7,00 p.p.



Discover Amsterdam from the water in a canal cruise run by one of the most renowned shipping companies available. The family business Rederij P. Kooij - which has been in business for almost 100 years - welcomes you to one of our canal boats. We will take you across the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, to show you the beautiful attractions of our historic city.

The history of Rederij P. Kooij

A brief history of a 100% Amsterdam family business. It all started with Piet Kooij; a young Amsterdam entrepreneur who - together with his father - leased the buffets on the ferries that sailed the North sea canal from Amsterdam to IJmuiden. Water, boats and Amsterdam were the three major passions of Piet and he greatly enjoyed his work.

Our fleet

Rederij P. Kooij owns six different types of canal boats. Check our fleet for more information and to get an impression of our boats.